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is a jurisdiction which offers an incredible range of smart and modern business possibilities and a friendly resience scheme.


offers a great Non Dom scheme in Europe and a new IP Box regime. It has become an international business hub with multiple benefits.

Licensing Services

Gaming Licenses:

We can assist in obtaining gaming licenses in well-chosen jurisdictions globally, based on our client’s specific needs. Most of the popular jurisdictions have their own specific regulations in gambling and gaming.

Some can not only provide you licenses for gaming operations but as well offer low taxation on profits and turnover.

One of the most reputable jurisdictions for obtaining gaming licenses bases on our up to date knowledge and extensive experience is Malta. Their legislation allows casino games, lotteries online and skill games. Furthermore, the Malta legislation gives you the opportunity for fixed odds betting, pool betting, spread betting and it is covering peer gaming and betting exchange.

Another favorable jurisdiction, which does not limit your Gaming activities in categories – one license covers all - is Curacao. It has a net corporate income tax of 2%. Zero taxation on gross bets, no sales tax, no import duties or VAT and no limits on dividend withdrawals.

Forex Licenses:
Our team offers you the most safe and affordable way to acquire a forex license, depending on your needs and investment abilities. We monitor rules and regulations in each jurisdiction to find the most attractive region for forex licensing for our clients.

The most attractive regions, based on our experience and the demands of our clients, are Cyprus and Malta.

The initially needed capital for the license amounts to around 30,000$ and 35,000$ for legal services. The licensing process will take around 6 months.

In case our client needs a more affordable way of getting a forex license; Belize, Seychelles and St. Vincent offer low cost licenses, which allow you to open a new forex company with less effort and cost.

PSP – Payment Service Provider Licenses:
Becoming a payment service provider in different jurisdiction is due to our teams experience and extensive network across the globe easier as one might think. The procedure to obtain a PSP license is standardized by our experts.
In a first step, we set up a company in a jurisdiction that offers PSP licenses. In a second step we get the approval of the areas regulator, where we applied for the license.
We make sure that our customer has the relevant software that complies with the payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS) which controls cardholder data.
By complying with this standard you will be able to offer trustworthy secure systems, reduce the risk of data breaches and transaction information theft. The PCI DSS will make your corporation a reliable partner for your customers, because you will protect their information. This is fast becoming the most important aspect in the progressively globalized online payment industry.
PCI DSS will give to your corporation a better reputation, create a long-lasting relationship with your clients and will give you the opportunity to deal with complex situations in the payment processing market.
As a final step, based on our excellent connections within the banking sector, we can offer the most suitable banking partners to our clients,  so they are able to undertake credit/debit card transactions for wholesaler's goods or services.



has always been a safe haven and a very stable environment for business. The Swiss reputation is unmatched in Europe.


The jurisdictions above are not comprehensive, we focus on a number of favorable destinations worldwide.