Preston Brant Associates' core competence and main field of activity 

Medical Consulting

A medical breakthrough, a new market player or regulatory changes: The healthcare sector is permanently in the headlines. Preston Brant Asoociates works closely with companies in the healthcare sector. The challenge is to create value for patients, spur innovation and reduce the cost and complexity of healthcare systems. Our pharmaceutical, medical device, insurance and utility experts bring their in-depth experience to every project.

PBA works with healthcare companies to examine the full spectrum of strategy, operations, organisation and M&A, and helps them engage in both developed and emerging markets. In doing so, we bring our experience from all sub-sectors of the healthcare industry. We focus on intensive cooperation with our clients and find practicable solutions that lead to sustainable results.

​Our projects focus on:

- Developing sustainable growth strategies to achieve market leadership. In the healthcare industry, growth is a must, not an option. Yet many companies find it difficult to grow profitably in the long term. Together with our clients, we develop growth strategies that help them to realise their full potential and accompany them during implementation. We also support our clients in their activities in fast-growing emerging markets, enabling them to understand the local market and identify critical success factors. This includes designing locally relevant product offerings.

- Successful design of M&A transactions. Mergers and acquisitions should pay off quickly. This requires companies to take an integrated approach in which acquisition strategy, due diligence and post-merger integration are aligned.

- Developing cost-effective and efficient business models. We work closely with our clients to develop more cost-effective business models. At the same time, we build new competencies within the company so that it can meet changing market requirements.

- Adapting market entry strategies to changes in the customer landscape. In times of increasing patient involvement and the shift of purchasing decisions away from the doctor, we help our clients to find and establish the appropriate product mix, the right pricing and successful go-to-market systems. In addition, we support them in service delivery and customer retention.

- Building a high-performance organisation. Business success in the healthcare sector depends on the ability to implement transformations within a complex matrix organisation and to make critical decisions. Together with our clients, we identify the key decision options and develop long-term effective measures and incentives that promote effective decision-making. In doing so, it is essential to focus on customer and market needs during the transformation and align the organisation accordingly.

- Encourage product and service innovation. Pharmaceutical and medical technology companies also need to move beyond incremental clinical innovations and purely design-driven approaches to help their customers reduce the total cost of care. We enable them to fully leverage their innovation and R&D capabilities.

- Reducing costs and optimising quality of care with IT. We work closely with our customers to implement IT systems and solutions that increase both the performance and efficiency of core business areas. This includes apps that will fundamentally change the delivery and management of healthcare services.

Medical Patent Administration

Once a patent is granted, it should be administered and monetized. Patent administration deals primarily with the monitoring and execution of all actions that are necessary for the maintenance of the patent, including, in particular, the payment of any annual renewal fees.

In the context of patent management, all opportunities should be used to profitably exploit a granted patent, by the patent owner himself or by third parties (licenses, patent sale etc.).

Preston Brant Associates with their experience and know-how, are able to professionally administrate extensive patent portfolios.


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