Residence & Non Dom Services

Cyprus Non-dom Regime

A number of benefits can be enjoyed by tax residents of Cyprus who are not domiciled in Cyprus.

Legislation introduced mid 2015 exempts Cyprus non-doms from Cyprus’ Special Contribution to Defence Tax (SDC) and such individuals also benefit from a zero rate of tax on the following sources of income:

- Interest
- Dividends
- Capital gains (other than on the sale of immoveable property in Cyprus – subject to the recently introduced partial exemption on newly acquired property)
- Capital sums received from payments made by pension, provident and insurance funds

These zero tax benefits are enjoyed even if the income has a Cyprus source and is remitted to Cyprus.

In addition there are no wealth or inheritance taxes in Cyprus.

Other beneficial features of the Cyprus tax regime for individuals include:

Income tax reduction for new personal income tax payers
Low tax rate: foreign pensions

In addition a capital gains tax exemption applies to Cypriot immoveable property until 31 December 2016 and there is a 50% reduction in the land transfer fee relating to the disposal of Cyprus property until the same date.

Malta Residence Schemes

Malta offers five residence schemes to meet different individual circumstances.  Each scheme provides an opportunity for individuals to move to Malta, with some of the schemes providing the option to to gain Maltese citizenship and, subsequently, a Maltese passport.  Malta is a country that is in the EU.

Malta is an appealing EU jurisdiction offering a temperate climate and attractive beaches. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Sicily, the Maltese archipelago consists of the three islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino. The area of these Maltese islands is 316 square kilometres and the largest island is Malta, which has a population of approximately 375,000. Maltese and English are the joint official languages of Malta.

Individual Investor Programme

Maltese citizenship is granted to qualifying applicants who make a cash contribution to the Individual Investor Programme (IIP) and meet certain investment criteria, including the rental or acquisition of a qualifying property and a financial investment in Government Bonds. Benefits of the Malta IIP include freedom of residence anywhere in the EU and ease of travel throughout the world. The programme also allows for a spouse and/or other dependants to gain a Maltese passport.  

Residence and Visa Permit Programme

The Residence and Visa Permit Programme enables non-EU individuals to reside or stay indefinitely in Malta. Individuals need to make a contribution to the Maltese Government, invest a minimum amount in Malta and purchase or rent a property, for a specified minimum amount, in Malta. Individuals taking advantage of this scheme will be classified as resident but not domiciled in Malta.

Global Residence Programme

Under the Global Residence Programme non-EU nationals can obtain a special tax status in Malta and a residence permit by meeting certain criteria, including the acquisition or rental of a qualifying property, and by making a minimum tax payment of €15,000 annually. Once obtained, successful applicants are then eligible to reside in Malta and travel in the Schengen Zone of countries.

Highly Qualified Persons Scheme

The Highly Qualified Persons Scheme, which is open to EU and non-EU nationals, provides significant tax advantages to professional individuals employed in Malta and earning over a specified amount per annum.

Retirement Programme

EU nationals whose main source of income is their pension are eligible to apply for the Retirement Programme and move to Malta to enjoy a special tax status.

An Authorised Registered Mandatory is required in Malta to submit applications on behalf of individuals. We can provide Authorised Registered Mandatory services in Malta.


The jurisdictions above are not comprehensive, we focus on a number of favorable destinations worldwide.


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